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As a leader in high-performance energy efficient homes in Colorado for over two decades, Sopris Homes is often asked what’s up with the much hyped Tesla Solar Roof Shingles that Elon Musk promised us back in 2016?

If you ask ask around, including inquiries to Tesla you’ll get many answers. We have yet to use the Tesla Solar Shingles, but we have used the Apollo® II by CertainTeed on an award-winning new home in Boulder, CO last year.

One advantage of the CertainTeed solar roofing shingles its Apollo II solar shingles have been available for about five years now. New products are great, but they are better when they have been tested outside of Southern California or their test homes. CertainTeed is an old company with a new name; it was originally (in 1904) General Roofing Manufacturing Company. Now, it’s a subsidiary of building product company Saint-Gobain, and it specializes not just in roofing but other building products as well.

Apollo II Solar shingles by CertainTeed

Apollo II also functions as your roof, generating clean power while protecting your home from water intrusion. Features include:

• Efficiency: 14 high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells provide a power rating of 60 watts per solar shingle.
• Simplicity: Apollo II solar shingles are installed directly into the roof sheathing using standard deck screws.
• Lightweight: The Apollo II system weighs about as many pounds per square foot as a typical asphalt shingle.
• Durable: Even though Apollo II shingles are lightweight, they are designed to be strong. The solar shingles have been tested and rated to withstand 250 pounds per square foot.
• Wind resistant: The Apollo II system achieves the highest wind rating available for roofing materials and can be installed in wind zones of up to 150 miles per hour.
• Watertight: Water channels and raised fastener locations provide added protection against water intrusion. CertainTeed was a roofing company before a solar company so they can manufacture a system that doesn’t leak.

Sopris Homes knows that there will be many advancements in solar technology in the years to come and as an innovator in energy efficiency and home building we’ll keep you posted on the latest trends as what works best for us.

For more about CertainTeed Apollo II Solar Shingles visit: https://www.certainteed.com/solar/products/apollo-ii/

For more about solar energy in Colorado visit: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/energyoffice/solar

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