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Living Net-Zero

Living net-zero

The Ultimate Energy Efficient Homes

Sopris gets asked all the time what is net-zero actually? It has to be a bit more complicated than being just a modern home capable of creating more power than it consumes. Well, it’s both. It’s that simple and then there is more to it.

Many associate our green homes, net-zero or near-zero product as a particular type of home for a certain type of person willing to make sacrifices and pay a lot. Nothing could be farther from the truth. These homes are really for everybody and they are just like any new home you may purchase — except better.

Our high-performance green built homes all the way to our near or net zero homes combine advanced design and superior building systems with energy efficiency to produce a better home from the ground up. These homes are ultra-comfortable, healthy, quiet, and sustainable. They are also very affordable to live in over the long haul. Advances in technologies and aesthetics are making net-zero homes even more common and feasible in more of the communities we build in.