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Read what our clients and associates are saying about Sopris and our unique process for building quality homes.


My name is Ed Glassgow and own the engineering company Scott, Cox & Associates in Boulder, Colorado. My company has been done geotechnical engineering for John Stevens and Sopris Homes since 1997, encompassing almost 100 projects. It has been my experience that they are a thoughtful and detail oriented company and have been a pleasure to work with over the years. 

Last week Sopris hosted a meeting that included all of their personnel, their structural engineering consultant, the foundation contractor, myself and my senior geotechnical engineer. The purpose for this was to discuss the way thateach of us interface with one another to assure the quality of the final product. This was a very useful thing to do and one that happens too rarely in the home building business. The potentially best thing that came of this wasassuring that everyone knew everyone else and assuring that the lines of communication were open and that everyone knows the expectations and responsibilities of the others.

In summary, I consider Sopris Homes to be one of the elite home building companies in this area and one that is striving to assure quality and long-lasting homes. They are a company that I don’t hesitate to refer clients to who are looking for a home builder.

Edward Glassgow, P.E.

Principle Engineer, Scott Cox & Associates, Inc.

It is with distinct pleasure that I recommend SOPRIS HOMES for their highly impressive home design and building skills. For over 30 years they have been producing fine homes in the Boulder and Longmont area.

Their comprehensive package includes everything, beginning with architectural design, followed by construction then after move-in follow up. 

From the outset I was treated with respect and responsiveness. All our questions were answered during the building process and the company owner was involved and available at all levels. In addition, we had a project manager assigned to us that was dedicated to our home and all its intricacies. Weekly updates and construction schedules were provided. Subcontractors were superb, skilled and highly efficient.
I have built homes before, but SOPRIS‘s  financial and tracking system with invoice back up was far and away superior to anything I have ever used.

BOTTOM LINE: on time and under budget.!

Good as any and much better than most!

                     AUSTIN B

Austin B.

We had always planned to move back to my home state of Colorado from Ohio. When it came time to do so, we looked at pre-existing homes and new home builders often with disappointment. We eventually found Sopris and met with owner John Stevens. It didn’t take us long to decide on Sopris.

We were a bit nervous about building here from several states away. Those concerns were unfounded. We decided on one of Sopris’ existing floor plans but modified it significantly with John’s help. Our home was finished on budget and on schedule.

Craig T and Kurt C, two of John’s employees were closely involved with our build every step of the way. They kept us informed, and on those rare occasions where issues did arise, they were quick to address them, in many cases beyond our expectations.

Building a custom home can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t need to be. Sopris made it fun and easy.

We highly recommend the entire Sopris team.

Robert H

What a truly remarkable experience it has been building a custom home with the Sopris team. When my wife and I started this adventure there were only two of us. Midway through the build we became three. And it changed our outlook on this project. It’s not just a house. It’s a home for our new and growing family, filled with many memories for years to come.

The entire Sopris staff was professional, friendly, considerate, patient and honest. The level of detail and craftsmanship is exceptional throughout the home. And I can’t even imagine all the parts and pieces that had to come together to make it happen. (They tried so hard to get us in before our baby daughter’s first Christmas and they somehow pulled it off).

We wake up every morning in awe we have the opportunity to live in a home like this. Thank you Sopris!

Owen P.

Building a dream home? Sopris is the builder to choose. My husband and I just moved in to our custom home built by Sopris. The entire team of professional staff members were outstanding due to John’s leadership and expectations. All of the vendors and contractors were amazing. The on site superintendent was helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with. The contractors that we worked with were friendly, organized and very tidy. 

Our home took over 8 months to build and we finished two months earlier than scheduled. The entire process was exciting and incredible to watch unfold into a beautiful home. We could not be more thankful and impressed with our new home.

Connie B.

We chose Sopris to build our home in Colorado as part of our move from out of state.  Sopris has wowed me on a number of levels during this process.

Building a custom home requires a ton of coordination between the buyer and builder and this is difficult to say the least when you are unable to be on site.  John and his team made the experience seamless.  Changes were efficiently managed and care was taken to make sure our requirements were well understood.  I was impressed that there was little to no rework involved in the process and that those changes we made at the last minute were accepted with grace and completed with care.

Sopris delivered tremendous value to us.  From a pricing perspective we didn’t pay significantly more than we would have from “national” builders operating elsewhere in Longmont.  But we got a larger lot, better views and nearly limitless flexibility in what we built.  This is, by far, the best built home I have ever lived in.  The design process was collaborative and flexible and easy to manage.

Most of all, though, the process was easy.  Building a custom home involves a multitude of decisions and the possibilities for stress points to pop up are numerous.  Sopris managed the stress for us, keeping us well abreast of deadlines and working through any issues in a proactive manner.  I can’t recommend them strongly enough.

Mike A.
Longmont, Colorado

Sopris Homes and owner John Stevens have been consummate professionals to work with. Their experience in energy efficient building is unparalleled along the Front Range of Colorado. They have the highest standards of practice including having a ‘zero punch list” at the time of closing. Their ability to customize a home to meet the customer’s desires and also keep the design timeless is impressive. They are great communicators thru-out the build process. Highly Highly Recommend.

Laura G.
Fort Collins, Colorado

Just moved into a new Sopris Home.  Working with John Stevens and his staff for the past year was easy – they were professional and attentive.   Our house is beautiful and well built.  The end of the construction journey was bittersweet – while excited to move into our amazing new home, we did not want to lose the relationships we had established with the building crews and the Sopris staff.

Polly B.

Quality Home!  We are thrilled with the end product. Everything we asked for and more.  

We approached John Stevens to help with a build cost estimate in the Northern Colorado area. We were able to tour one of the Sopris construction sites and we were instantly impressed. Having bounced from production spec home to production spec home and seeing most of the mass production builder’s showcase homes, we could instantly see the difference in quality. John was and has always been straight forward with us on costs and we decided to go with a Sopris Home.

– Great Quality
As mentioned above. If you have the chance to tour a production spec home don’t get dazzled by the Thor appliances or the perfectly matched furniture and decor. Those things can always be upgraded. Definitely look at how the building is put together. Look at the “fit”.  Sopris homes have great fit.  This comes from attention to detail. Having seen all phases of construction I can say that if something was not done right by a subcontractor John’s team corrected it almost always before we noticed.

– Very responsive.
With any new  construction project there are always  issues.  Any concerns we had were instantly addressed.  

– Fair!
This adjective cannot be overlooked.  Not all aspects of the of the build can be thought of and written down before the shovels hit dirt.  This creates issues of what was originally asked for and how much it will cost to change it. I felt the Sopris team very fair when it came to these issues.

Overall,  We felt The Sopris Team did a great job and I’m sure we will make many memories in our Sopris Home! Thanks Team Sopris!

Bryant M.
Catania, Italy

Early in 2019 we spent some time reviewing custom home builders for a plot in Boulder. Eventually, after a detailed review we contracted with Sopris for our new construction project. Our experience has been excellent and I feel that they are thoroughly professional in both their product delivery and customer interaction. Design, permitting and new construction is a complex matter and I am glad to have this company on my side. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Michael K.

My husband and I just completed a year long project of building a new home with Sopris Homes.  Our experience was extremely positive and we love our new home.  John and his staff are professional, very knowledgeable, and attentive to details.   They produce a high quality product on time and within budget.

Paul B.
Bob C.

What a truly remarkable experience it has been building a custom home with the Sopris team. When my wife and I started this adventure there were only two of us. Midway through the build we became three, and it changed our outlook on this project. It’s not just a house. It’s a home for our new and growing family, filled with many memories for years to come. We came to John with some ideas of what our dream house could be. And I can say, now that we’ve been living in it for about a month, it came out better than we ever hoped.

The entire Sopris staff was professional, friendly, considerate, patient and honest. The level of detail and craftsmanship is exceptional throughout the home. I can’t even imagine all the parts and pieces that had to come together to make it happen. (They tried so hard to get us in before our baby daughter’s first Christmas and they somehow pulled it off). We wake up every morning in awe that we have the opportunity to live in a home like this. Thank you Sopris! 

Jeremy N.

Sopris Homes & John Stevens build excellent custom homes. We could not be happier with the quality of work. We have experienced the other end of the spectrum. The communication was good throughout the process. Upon completion there were no “punch list” items needing attention which is remarkable. Before closing, the home appraised quite a bit higher than the construction cost and that validated that we made a good decision. 

Jim P.
Thornton, Colorado

The process was very enjoyable with special thanks to Tracie, Sales Manager, and Jim, Construction Manager. Tracie was our initial contact and allowed us some extra time during a family issue to make our final decision to purchase a Sopris Home. During the decision process, Tracie discussed the process from selecting options to building the home and what we should expect from the Sopris Team. Tracie even promised our 7 year old daughter a pink hard hat … our daughter had her pink hard hat when the construction process started!!

After we made our options for our home, we met Jim and discussed the expectations for the building process and timeline. We developed a great relationship with Jim during this time. We would stop by the house almost every day and loved watching the different stages be completed. We were encouraged to communicate any issues to them. We did and they were always responsive and took actions …. Sopris Homes really does strive to be have all their customers 100% satisfied. Our home was completed within the timeline and we were provided a closing day well in advance such that we were able to coordinate all the activities to move out of our temporary housing. Sopris Homes definitely met all of our expectations and we love our new home. We have now been in our house for 9 months and love it every day.

Many members of the Sopris Team are now good friends … which to me, speaks volumes of Sopris Homes. Sopris Homes is looking to build a home and relationship with their customers … not build a house. In fact, we are working with Sopris Homes to finish our basement. 

Pete W.

We have had the opportunity to build a custom home with Sopris in Longmont. From start to finish, all details have been taken care of with the utmost respect and attention to detail. To start the process, we worked with John’s team to develop a plan. We reviewed our wants and desires in a home and worked with a budget to come up with a plan. We started with a model that Sopris had int portfolio and turned it into a custom project. Stephen took our ideas and reconstructed an existing plan. His focus on our wants were obvious in the drawings. This is our first home that we have started from scratch and John was with us the entire time to make the project into our dream home. Between John and Tony, we had weekly site visits to ensure every question was answered. Along the way Gil became part of the team and was also our go to for any issues. It would be silly to assume that issues don’t come up during a home build. John, Tony and Gil were always available to address any items that needed our attention.

The finished product was beyond our expectations. You hear horror stories of a home build, with Sopris we had no concerns during the process and the end result is evident to John’s commitment to a quality home. John was also able to finish the home prior to the time outlined in our contract. I recommend without any reservation Sopris and John’s product. My family continues to try to decide what feature of the house we like the best. Thank you to John, Tony, Gil and the whole Sopris team. 

Rob J.

My wife and I have had a great experience this last year building our new custom home with John Stevens and his team at Sopris Homes. Tony and Gil, our project managers, were easy to work with and responsive to all of our requests. My wife never felt uncomfortable working directly with them and they were always respectful, courteous, extremely helpful, and had an extremely good eye and attention for detail. We take possession of our gorgeous home this week and we are really looking forward to moving in. One thing to keep in mind when you are building a custom home, you have to be prepared, organized, and able to make decisions…and stick to them! We checked Sopris Homes out for a year before we signed, and so far, we have been very happy. Be prepared, building a custom home is not like getting a cookie cutter house with limited options to choose from. Building a custom home is a lot of work on your part, but worth it in the end! 

Dan B.
Frederick, Colorado

It’s been almost a year since we moved into our Sopris custom home. The attention to detail, the project management, and the custom finishes have helped make this our Forever Home! The floor plan is one that we had wanted for a very long time and it fits perfectly with our lifestyle! The responses to inquiries, questions, changes, and warranty work has been 100% professional throughout. John and the team at Sopris Homes are great people. Thank you all! 

Nina B.
Denver, Colorado

Sopris builds a great house. Their craftsmanship is outstanding and they took care of things that I did not even have to ask them to do. We made a number of changes on the house and they were very professional and organized in tracking the changes and costs related to the changes. 

It was a joy working with Sopris Homes. Everyone was very professional from start to finish for the building of our home. I would highly recommend anyone who may be interested in building a quality home to consider Sopris. Tracie, our sales manager, was wonderful to work with as was Jim – the building superintendent. 

Jon W.

We worked with John Stevens and his people over the last nine months in building our new house in Lafayette. The most important factor we were left with is how nice everyone was to work with. John sets a great example for his people to follow and has exhibited a a great attitude throughout the entire process. Sopris is the kind of company you “want” to deal with when building a new home.

I’m sure everyone wants the same thing when they are having a new house built; no unforeseen issues. This is probably an unrealistic goal for all of us but I cannot recall a situation that wasn’t overcome during our construction. As in all new construction, there were many items that came up for discussion and it always ended up with a positive solution.

Larry & Karen F.

I want to tell you that purchasing this house has been very pleasant! This is our 3rd new house and by far, your company has been great to work with, including your contractors. Even the closing went well…very efficient and professional.

Pat C.

My wife and I would like to express our gratitude t you and your staff on the professionalism you all have had during the building of our new home. The home is built beautifully and very sound, with all the right options to make this a home to be proud of for all. We appreciate the effort made for an energy efficient home and feel this home will only grown in value based on the quality options incorporated for us in this home.

As you know, we had actually put a contract on another home with a track builder and with your help and patience we feel we made the right decision to purchase a Sopris home instead.

Tom C.

We have now lived in our new home for 3 months and remain delighted. I want to express my appreciation to you and your organization for the wonderful new home you built for us. Right from the beginning you showed your willingness to build us a quality home that met our needs by tailoring the design to our requests.

The home was completed on time and exactly to our every specification and desire. In addition, you have gone to every length to make sure that we have our concerns addressed professionally and promptly. Our list of small items to be readjusted at our 60 day inspection have been completed. We are delighted with the home you built for us and for the meticulous care you put into your work. Thank you.

Lynne B. & Anthony M.

Now that we are moved in and almost settled, I wanted to commend you on an excellent job in the completion of our house. The assistance we received from the staff of Sopris helped to make the process of building a home, from beginning to end, easier. It is truly exceptional to have completed our home with quality craftsmanship within such a short period of time. For that we are thankful.

Julie H.

Cindie and I would like to express our appreciation to you and all those at Sopris who were involved in the construction of our new home. From the design process through completion of the construction, we found everyone to be courteous, accommodating to our requests and a pleasure to work with.

One of the things that was particularly impressive was your effort to make sure the house was totally finished with few, if any, punch list items at the time of closing. The few punch list items we did have were taken care of promptly and left us felling very happy and satisfied with the whole process.

Terry & Cindie S.

We are so thrilled with our new home and wanted to let you know! When you build a custom home in Colorado, a customer has many builders to choose from. After looking at so many homes, we were most impressed with the workmanship of the home, we were most impressed with the workmanship of the homes you build. You offer superior quality, efficiency, and outstanding customer service. When we first met with you, we were told that you build a good, quality home at a fair price. After comparing many homes in the area we completely agreed.

The responsiveness we received from you and your staff took all the headaches out of building a custom home; in fact, it was truly an enjoyable experience. Everyone involved in the process was great to work with.

David & Jennifer M.

A special thanks to those of you who put up with our changes and extra requests. Some of those things you were willing to do make this house more individualized for us.

We also appreciate the follow up after closing and feel confident that it will continue until each little item is resolved.

Not only do you build a wonderful house, but you are great people to deal with!

Nancy & Mark L.

Since we are new to the area we were very concerned about neighborhoods, soil challenges and overall building quality. Our sales process went very smooth from the moment that we walked through our home to the time that we closed. Your staff is to be commended from being responsive, and extremely diligent during the walk-trough and final processes to prepare our home. Even my realtor was impressed with the amount of care and effort that went into preparing our home for occupancy.

We have now been in our home for 9 months and we love it more and more each day. We are so pleased that we purchased our home from such a quality builder who stands by their product even after the sale. The whole team at Sopris continues to be responsive with questions and/or concerns. I would highly recommend Sopris as a builder to anyone and should we choose to build again, Sopris would be our builder of choice.

Michael & Vicki S.

Unlike our experiences with two other builders, your company strives to go “that extra mile.” Not only to secure complete customer satisfaction, but to take it to that next level of expectation.

After searching for three years and meeting with countless builders, we are extremely pleased that we chose Sopris in the end. Your attention to detail and demand for quality construction was evident even from our first meeting….Now that we have moved in and can experience the joys of our new house, we are confident in saying that our initial impressions of your company have been solidified.

Kevin & Yolanda W.

We interviewed numerous builders before choosing Sopris. The quality energy efficiency and 21st century standards that john Stevens incorporates into his homes, where other builders are still just building the same old house is one of the reasons we decided on Sopris.

After being in the home for over four months we’ve had an opportunity to appreciate the homes energy efficiency, quality construction and beautiful design. We continue to get compliments from friends and family on the design and features.

Also, you didn’t just forget about us once the house closed. When minor issues did arise, your warranty group was very responsive and helpful, in getting our issues resolved in a timely and friendly manner.

Chirs & Tracy E.

I wanted to take a minute to thank Sopris Homes and your team for the amazing job you guys did building our new home.  It has truly been a great experience.  I also wanted to mention a few people specifically that really went above and beyond for us.

Jim McDevitt was amazing.  His communication was incredibly fast, he handled challenges like a pro, and it was clear he cared more about doing it right than doing it fast.  He listened to our concerns and came up with creative solutions.  He is highly respected by the trades and has a depth of experience that kept our project on schedule and looking great.  To top it all off he was personable, friendly, and fun.

Kelly Huff was always acting as our advocate.  She made us feel like all of our concerns were valid and really added the personal touch to the experience.  She is so approachable and easy to talk too.  She latched on to our design style early on, and made some great recommendations that we have appreciated.  She went to bat for us with Saddleback and was quick to support our concerns.

You have a dynamite team and have built us a wonderful home.  Thank you for everything!

Chris R.

When people ask us about the process of building our house, they are shocked at how positive our experience has been and the fact that our house is being delivered a earlier than we expected.  And we believe that Jim is a major reason for how good our experience has been.  He is conscientious, proactive, superbly organized and he cares a great deal about Sopris’ reputation as well as customer satisfaction.  He excels at project management and people management.

All too often you probably hear complaints, so I thought it was important for us to commend excellence and give you the opportunity to hear raves about one of your outstanding employees.

Mark & Ann L.


 I am writing this letter on behalf of Sopris Homes in order to provide your company information regarding their construction process based on our experience with residential construction throughout the United States with many different construction companies. Ascent Group has worked with Sopris homes on numerous construction projects throughout the front range of Colorado. 

Sopris Homes instills rigorous quality assurance and safety protocols that are above and beyond other residential construction firms we work with. 

Every lot receives a lot specific soils report while many builders are willing to rely on a subdivision wide report or, perhaps a report within a ¼ to ½ mile radius. Sopris Homes has test borings done on every lot before each project. 

In addition to the lot specific soils report, Sopris follows up with an on-site open hole inspection by the soils engineer after the site is excavated in order to verify the actual conditions on site conform to the soils report. Occasionally there are anomalies discovered during this process that were not apparent in the soils report and our firm is contacted to provide appropriate adjustments to the foundation design when necessary. 

Sopris retains our firm to provide inspection services throughout the project even if the local building department is already performing those inspections. Each inspection report our firm provides identifies any areas that need to be addressed. Of all our builder clients only a few have us observe the structural framing and none of them ask (and pay for) our firm to perform follow up observations until all outstanding items have been resolved. When all items brought to the attention of Sopris are complete, our firm provides them a stamped letter indicating so. Often times we are taking corrective actions on items that have already passed the inspection by the building municipality. 

Of the items we encounter on a typical framing inspection, most are follow up documentation of changes to the plan as directed by the homeowner and are administrative in nature. The reason few technical corrections are made is because of frequent communication with Sopris’ field personnel, the sub-contractors and our firm. 

In our experience with other construction companies our services are retained only through the construction document phase and rarely extend to the physical construction of the project except when required by the local building department. Sopris Homes involves our firm in the project until the final nail in the structure is installed to our satisfaction. Then, any lessons learned from the project are integrated into the next one. 

With outside consultants such as our firm, other engineers, architects and sub-contractors teaming up with Sopris’ staff there is a balance of value, proficiency and necessary profitability. Through this process, Sopris Homes has developed a culture of quality that improves its process with every project. 

I hope this gives you some insight to the operations of Sopris Homes. I wish more of our clients operated in this manner. Please do not hesitate to contact me or my firm if you would like to discuss these matters further. 

Matthew K. Berry, P.E.

Principle, Ascent Group

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